Recommend & Earn

Recommend & Earn


Food + Friends

Venture into the culinary corners of your city with HOGR - your ultimate food discovery app. Guide your food tribe to the best spots with your recommendations. And the cherry on top? Earn with every tip you drop!

Food Circle

directly from your social feed

It’s not just about the meal; it’s building your food circle along the way. Simple, delightful, and always connecting.


what your friends are eating

Find out what your friends and influencers are raving about. Get inspired by their recommendations and never miss out on a mouthwatering meal again!


from your social feed

Wanderlust at heart? Dive into the world of HOGR, & find hidden gems. Each recommendation you share could unlock HOGR benefits.


interesting Food shows

Indulge in engaging food videos and stay updated with the latest culinary trends, recipes, and tips from food enthusiasts around the world.


every bite

With HOGR, each recommendation you share not only delights the palate but also adds to your treasure. Collect HOGR coins and pocket some HOGR cash with every post. Simple, tasty rewards await!

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The future of
social dining

Transform your dining experiences and make every meal a delightful social affair with Hogr.