HOGR Community Guidelines

HOGR helps its users to connect with others and enables meaningful engagement within the HOGR mobile application. To ensure this purpose is achieved, HOGR requires all Users to follow these Community Guidelines along with the Customer Terms of Use.

Capitalized terms not defined herein will have the meaning ascribed to them under the Customer Terms of Use.

HOGR intends to foster a community where all the Users are part of a safe environment and allows the users to freely express their views, ideas, and thoughts on various restaurants and dishes. HOGR has the utmost regard for the users’ freedom of speech and expression and their right to privacy. In framing these Community Guidelines, care has been taken to abide by the letter and spirit of the law of the land and our responsibility to the community in general. HOGR intends to take adequate measures for the prevention, mitigation and where appropriate, remediation of violations of the rights of others, especially those relating to digital media and its uses.

During your time on our mobile application, we request you to ensure that what you post is compliant with the law and does not breach the rights of other Users nor make them feel unwelcome as part of the HOGR Community. The platform comprises many Users like you, and we want to make the mobile application a place where you can share your views on restaurants and their products and services.

The Community Guidelines listed below set out actions and conduct expected on the mobile application and will help us maintain a community that encourages everyone to participate and enjoy using the app. If you violate any one of these guidelines, we may be constrained to initiate appropriate action against you, including, without limitation, informing the relevant authorities.

  1. Audio Usage

    HOGR allows you to post User Submissions on the mobile application, which may include audio components. While posting any User Submissions, Users are required to ensure that they have the right to post the content which forms a part of the User Submission and do not post anything that belongs to any other User or any third party for which you do not have the right to use. When posting any User Submissions with music or audio content, please ensure that you have the right to include the one selected by you and refrain from posting any music or audio content that belongs to any musician, songwriter or artist without their permission. Any User Submissions made by you, if deemed to be violating the copyright or intellectual property of any other person, may be taken down by HOGR at its sole discretion.

    You may also utilize your voice or audio content as part of the User Submission, provided that such audio content is your original creation created using your creative faculties and does not violate any other person's rights under the law.

    HOGR provides an option to select various audio content made available on its own audio library, for which Hogr has obtained specific permissions. Audio content offered by HOGR is free to use on the mobile application. Users are encouraged to utilize the audio content provided by HOGR as part of the User Submissions.

    You may also use any audio content that is copyright and royalty-free as part of the User Submissions uploaded on the HOGR mobile application. There are various audio content offered online that are copyright-free and may be used for the creation of any content. Users are

    advised to conduct their own check as to whether any audio content utilized by them are copyright-free and does not infringe on the rights of others.

  2. Post Correct Information

    User Submissions that distort facts show mismatching visuals or are materially incorrect can mislead other Users and affect the reputation of the Restaurants that are participants of the HOGR mobile application. User Submissions that are meant to spam other Users, artificially collect shares and reposts or followers, offering money for reposts or shares, posting repetitive comments or content, etc., are discouraged on the mobile application and may attract action from HOGR. To avoid a negative impact on other Users and Restaurants, Users must ensure that any content posted by them is factually correct and is not misleading or meant to attract views by posting fake reviews or ratings of any dishes or Restaurants.

    Dishes and Restaurants

    To ensure that other Users can appreciate the User Submissions posted by you and to avoid confusion, Users must ensure that they correctly post the names of dishes and Restaurants that form a part of the User Submissions and. Any reference to prices or other factual information in relation to any dishes must be factually correct. However, HOGR does not restrict any Users from making their personal observations in relation to dishes or restaurants.

    Captions & Tags

    Users must ensure that the captions and tags utilized on the User Submissions are not misleading and correctly reflect the content of the User Submission. Misleading captions may cause confusion amongst other Users and affect their enjoyment of the mobile application. Users are further discouraged from posting sensational captions which do not match the content of the User Submissions with a view to attract viewers. HOGR may remove User Submissions with misleading captions at its own discretion.


    Users must ensure that the visuals in the User Submissions match the captions posted by them. Where the User Submission contains any captions pertaining to specific dishes or references any specific restaurant, the User must ensure that the content contains the specific dishes referred to in the tags or is taken in the specific restaurant mentioned in the caption.

  3. Prohibited User Submissions and Content Right to Share

    Remember to always post authentic User Submissions and do not post any content that you have copied from others or have taken from any other source, including the internet, for which you do not possess the rights to reproduce on HOGR. Content of other Users or content that is taken from the internet or other sources may be protected by copyright laws or other laws pertaining to intellectual property and may result in violation of such laws giving rise to claims against you by the original owner or such content.

    Under the Copyright Act, 1957, a copyright is a bundle of rights given by the law to the creators of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and the producers of cinematograph films and sound recordings. The rights provided under Copyright law include the rights of reproduction of the work, communication of the work to the public, adaptation of the work and translation of the work. Copyrights are granted to the creator of any work in the first instance.

    It's possible to infringe someone else's copyright when you post their content on HOGR without their permission or license, or facilitate copyright infringement, even if you:

    • Bought or downloaded the content from a legal source or found that the content was publicly available on the internet

    • Gave credit to the copyright owner or included disclaimers stating that you do not own the copyright in such content

    • Didn't intend to profit from it

    • Modified the work or added your own original material to it

    • Saw that others posted the same content as well

    • Think that the use of the content constitutes fair use

      All Users are encouraged to post only their own content without utilization of the content of any other person as part of the User Submissions. Use of logos, images, or any literary work or composition not belonging to you and without permission may also constitute infringement of intellectual property as these may also be protected under various laws applicable in your jurisdiction. Therefore all Users are encouraged to do their research and ensure that they have sufficient permissions and licenses before adding any third party content into their User Submissions.

      Know your audience

      HOGR is an open platform that allows Users belonging to various ethnicities, sexual orientation, cultural, religious and political backgrounds, age groups, as well as Users having disabilities etc., to come together and create a thriving community. Users are encouraged to not post any content that may disparage any other User or creates any disharmony amongst the various Users of the mobile application. All Users are encouraged to check whether the User Submissions uploaded by them is in any way disparaging to any other User or section of Users and only post content that they in good faith believe would be beneficial to the other Users on HOGR.

      Foster meaningful and genuine interactions.

      Users are encouraged to not post any User Submissions that offer money or giveaways of money in exchange for likes, followers, comments or other engagements. Don’t post content that engages in, promotes, encourages, facilitates, or admits to the offering, solicitation or trade of fake and misleading user reviews or ratings. To ensure that HOGR is a safe space allowing Users to create healthy interactions with like minded individuals we further require all Users avoid any form or impersonation of any other person or User through HOGR. You must not try to deceive others on the mobile application by sharing patently false and untrue information, luring other persons to share sensitive information or requiring them to engage in any other activities with the intention of misleading or harassing users for financial gain or causing them any other harm. Any violation of this requirement shall be met with swift action by HOGR.

      Avoid Religiously Offensive Content

      Users are reminded to be respectful of the religious beliefs of others. Regardless of whether they share the same views or beliefs as you, you must not publish anything which is hurtful to the sentiments of others or insults their religion or customs and/or causes communal discord.

      Any actions where gods or religious deities, prophets, figureheads, reincarnations and leaders are abused or where symbols or emblems of a religion are morphed or destroyed or desecrated with a view to hurt sentiments or cause disharmony may amount to religiously offensive content. Please note that this is not a complete list, and there could be other instances which could violate this guideline.

      Content supporting Terrorism, Extremism or Criminal Activity

      Do not post content that supports, encourages or glorifies terrorism. At HOGR, we do not permit content that encourages terrorism and extremism. If you are found engaging in such activities, we might take action against you. In addition, we may bring your behaviour to the notice of the concerned authorities

      You must not support or promote any dangerous activities on HOGR. In particular, do not post any User Submissions to incite terrorism, secession, acts of violence against person or property or which threatens the unity, integrity, defence, security or sovereignty of India, friendly relations with foreign nations, or insults another nation. You must not post any content that promotes or glorifies terrorist, extremist or criminal organisations.

      As a citizen you cannot make seditious statements, which would involve making statements to incite hatred, contempt, or general disaffection towards the government. Under the sedition laws, you may be imprisoned, as well as be subject to fines. Do not use the mobile application as means to create any form of discord amongst its Users or to target any specific section of people or glorify any acts or violence, terrorism or extremism or any groups promoting the same.

      Self-harm and Suicide

      At HOGR, mental health and well-being of our users matters. We understand that issues related to mental health and well-being need awareness. Users must ensure that they do not post any User Submissions that promote or glorify suicide, self-harm or content that poses risk to other users of HOGR. In the event where you believe that a user is at risk, we request that you get in touch with local emergency services available in your area.

      Avoid Obscene or Sexual Content

      Do not post graphic, obscene and/or sexual content on HOGR. HOGR does not tolerate content that is obscene, pornographic, sexually graphic or could be seen as inappropriate to some Users. We adopt a zero-tolerance approach to content that is harmful to children and depicts children sexually. Any user found posting such content will be reported to the authorities immediately. You are not permitted to upload, circulate or distribute content that is pornographic, pedophilic, contains explicit depictions of deceased persons, violent sexual acts including content depicting rape, and imagery that is excessively gory. Do not post any content relating to bestiality, non-consensual sexual acts or incest.Please note that this is not a complete list, and there could be other instances which could violate this guideline.

      Violent Content

      Do not post content that threatens, depicts or glorifies violence, or encourages acts of violence. You must not use HOGR to make any direct or indirect threats of physical harm against another person. This includes any threat relating to theft, vandalism, wrongful confinement, bodily, mental or financial harm. If you believe someone is in imminent danger, you should get in touch with the local law enforcement agency and report the situation at the earliest.


      HOGR does not permit Users to engage in any form of bullying or harassment of other Users. You must not post content that contains personal attacks, abusive language, slangs or expletives in any languages; do not direct other Users to engage in such language. You must not engage in name calling, malicious insults with racial undertones or make comments on anyone’s attributes, including their physical attributes. While we encourage health interactions between Users, HOGR does not condone any personal attacks or use of intimidating, threatening or abusive language against other Users. We encourage all Users to create a safe and secure environment where all Users can create meaningful interactions with one another.

      Invasion of Privacy

      To use the mobile application and be a part of the HOGR community, you are required to respect the space and privacy of others. You must not publish, share, or encourage the publication of any personal information of another person that invades their privacy, including any images or videos of other Users without their consent.

      Illegal Activities

      A pre-requisite of your participation as part of the HOGR community is compliance with all applicable laws. Users must ensure all their actions on the mobile application are lawful and do not violate the law of the land in any form or manner. You must not post content that is illegal or encourages other users to participate in any illegal activity. This includes buying or selling of narcotics, illegal or prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, psychotropic substances or any other category of items that are not permitted to be traded between private individuals, promotion of gambling or lotteries, encouraging any criminal activities or inciting other Users to violate any laws.

  4. Reporting Breach of Community Guidelines

Any User who comes across any content that is in violation of these community guidelines or the Customer Terms of Use are encouraged to bring the same to the attention of HOGR by reporting such posts on the mobile application.

On receiving a report, the HOGR team will remove the User Submission from the public feed and review the reported User Submission to identify whether there is any violation of the Customer Terms of Use or these community guidelines.

If any User Submission is reported, the User posting such User Submission will receive a message confirming whether the post violates Customer Terms of Use or these community guidelines from HOGR once the team reviews the User Submission.

If Users want to communicate further regarding any post, they may do so by writing to them at: [email address for relevant person to be provided]

HOGR reserves the right to take appropriate action in the event of any breaches of these community guidelines, including without limitation, taking down any infringing User Submissions, termination of the User’s account etc.

In the event of any Dispute, in relation to these community guidelines, the parties shall attempt to mutually resolve the Dispute within thirty (30) days failing which the Dispute shall be

resolved by arbitration, by a sole arbitrator, mutually appointed by parties. The seat and venue of arbitration proceedings shall be in Bengalurue and shall be conducted in English. Subject to the above, all Disputes shall be referred to the courts in Bengaluru, India only.

These community guidelines are not substantive and are meant to be indicative. The Company reserves its right to amend and modify these community guidelines at any time, without prior intimation to the Users.