Q1: What are HOGR coins and how do I earn them?

A1: HOGR coins aren't just any ordinary reward; they carry real value! For every 100 coins, you earn Rs 1. How do you rack up these coins, you ask? It's simple and fun! Just by being an active member of our community:

Every action you take brings you closer to earning more coins.

Q2: How can I use HOGR coins in the app?

A2: You can use them in two cool ways. First, have fun playing games and earn coins. Then, you can either keep playing more games or use those coins to pay part of your food bill. For every 100 coins, you get Rs 1 off. So, play games, earn coins, and save on your meals!

Q3: What are HOGR Vouchers and how can I use them?

A4: HOGR Vouchers are deals and discounts offered by our partner restaurants. You can use these vouchers while making a payment at a restaurant via the app.

Q4: Can I earn HOGR Vouchers?

A4: Yes, by participating in the spin wheel game using your HOGR Coins, you can win HOGR Vouchers.

Q5: How do I place an order at a restaurant using the app?

A5: To place an order, you need to be at one of our partner restaurants. Look for our QR standees available on the tables, scan the code, and you'll be guided to install our app and explore the menu. Once you've made your selection, you can place your order directly through the app.

Q6: How do I participate in the spin wheel game?

A6: To participate in the spin wheel game, navigate to the game within the app and use your HOGR Coins to play. If you win, you'll earn HOGR Cash or HOGR Vouchers, which will be added to your account.