Desi Vdesi 4

Church Street, Bengaluru

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North Indian

Church Street, Bengaluru

Closed , Opens at 10:00 am

About Restaurant :

Desi Vdesi is a popular spot on Church Street known for its affordable and delicious North Indian street food. The menu features a variety of parathas, rolls, momos, and chaats, all prepared fresh and with authentic flavors. The casual and vibrant atmosphere makes it a great place for a quick lunch or a fun hangout with friends.

Restaurant features :


Live Music

Vegetarian Friendly

Casual Dining


₹ 120

Flaky and crispy flatbread stuffed with spiced potatoes, a classic North Indian comfort food.


₹ 150

Tender steamed dumplings filled with a savory vegetable or chicken filling, served with spicy dipping sauce.


₹ 100

Rich and creamy Indian ice cream flavored with cardamom and nuts, a perfect sweet ending to your meal.


₹ 50

Fragrant Indian tea spiced with ginger and cardamom, a warm and comforting beverage.