Foxtrot, Marathahalli 4

Marathahalli, Bengaluru

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4 5375 Google Reviews


Marathahalli, Bengaluru

Closed , Opens at 12:00 pm

About Restaurant :

Foxtrot is a lively gastropub located in Marathahalli, Bangalore, offering a vibrant atmosphere and a delectable fusion of global cuisines. The restaurant features a spacious indoor area with a bar, a rooftop terrace with stunning city views, and a stage for live music performances. Foxtrot is a popular spot for casual dining, socializing with friends, and enjoying a night out with music and drinks.

Restaurant features :



Rooftop Seating

Casual Dining


₹ 320

Crispy, marinated chicken pieces coated in a flavorful blend of Kerala spices, served with a side of mayonnaise and fries.


₹ 280

Soft and succulent paneer cubes marinated in yogurt and spices, grilled to perfection in a tandoor oven.


₹ 180

Fluffy naan topped with a generous amount of chopped green chilies, garlic, and grated cheese, baked to perfection.


₹ 250

A decadent chocolate cake layered with rich chocolate ganache and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.