Karnatic 4.1

Church Street, Bengaluru

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4.1 2221 Google Reviews

South Indian

Church Street, Bengaluru

Closed , Opens at 12:00 pm

About Restaurant :

Karnatic blends traditional Karnataka cuisine with contemporary flair, offering a refined dining experience in the heart of Church Street. The restaurant's elegant interiors and live Carnatic music create a captivating atmosphere. With a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients and meticulous preparation, their dishes showcase the vibrant flavors of Karnataka. From savory classics like Nalli Nihari to delectable desserts like Coconut Mousse Tart, Karnatic promises a satisfying journey for your palate.

Restaurant features :


Valet Parking

Live Music


₹ 250

Soft, paper-thin crepes with a flavorful chicken curry, a classic Karnataka combination.


₹ 350

Slow-cooked bone marrow stew packed with rich spices and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness.


₹ 200

Creamy coconut filling nestled in a buttery crust, a refreshing finish to your meal.


₹ 220

Crispy dosa filled with a potato and onion masala, a satisfying vegetarian option.