Skyye 4.3

Lavelle Road, Bengaluru

6990 Google Reviews

4.3 6990 Google Reviews


Lavelle Road, Bengaluru

Closed , Opens at 12:00 pm

About Restaurant :

Skyye is a vibrant and stylish rooftop restaurant in Lavelle Road, Bangalore, offering stunning city views and a sophisticated dining experience. Their menu features a unique blend of modern European and fusion cuisine, with dishes prepared using fresh, seasonal ingredients. The live music adds to the lively atmosphere, making Skyye a popular spot for special occasions and celebrations.

Restaurant features :

Live Music


Rooftop Seating


₹ 950

Delicate scallops seared to perfection, accompanied by a creamy truffle-infused risotto for a luxurious experience.


₹ 800

Succulent lamb chops marinated in a fiery spice blend, served with a refreshing mint yogurt dip for a delightful contrast.


₹ 650

Tender duck confit tossed with a medley of greens, fruits, and nuts, drizzled with a sweet and tangy plum dressing for a vibrant and flavorful treat.


₹ 400

A decadent dark chocolate dome filled with hazelnut praline and topped with a scoop of refreshing raspberry sorbet for a perfect end to your meal.