T-hut 4.1

Hennur, Bengaluru

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4.1 1891 Google Reviews

South Indian

Hennur, Bengaluru

Open , Closes at 10:30 pm

About Restaurant :

T-Hut offers a taste of traditional Malabar cuisine in Hennur, Bangalore. The restaurant boasts a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a casual meal with friends or family. Their menu features a variety of dishes from Kerala and Mangalore, prepared with fresh ingredients and authentic spices. Whether you're a fan of spicy curries or prefer milder fare, T-Hut has something to satisfy everyone's palate.

Restaurant features :



Casual Dining

Delivery Available

Family Friendly


₹ 180

Crispy, flaky porottas paired with a flavorful chicken curry, a classic Kerala combination.


₹ 189

Tender beef cooked in a rich coconut and spice gravy, a signature dish of Malabar cuisine.


₹ 105

A medley of fried vegetables and spices, perfect for sharing and dipping with bread.


₹ 199

Soft, fluffy appams served with a mildly spiced egg curry, a comforting breakfast or light meal.