The Rice Bowl 4.1

Lavelle Road, Bengaluru

2454 Google Reviews

4.1 2454 Google Reviews

Pan Asian, Indian

Lavelle Road, Bengaluru

Closed , Opens at 11:30 am

About Restaurant :

The Rice Bowl is a popular restaurant in Lavelle Road, Bangalore, offering a variety of Indian and Asian dishes. The restaurant is known for its flavorful curries, rice dishes, and biryanis. The ambiance is casual and family-friendly, making it a great spot for a quick lunch or dinner.

Restaurant features :



Vegetarian Friendly

Casual Dining

Delivery Available


₹ 240

Aromatic green curry with fresh vegetables, coconut milk, and Thai basil, served with steamed rice.


₹ 260

Spicy and flavorful Chettinad-style chicken curry with roasted spices and coconut, served with rice or naan.


₹ 220

Creamy tomato-based curry with soft paneer cubes, simmered in butter and spices.


₹ 280

Fragrant and flavorful mutton biryani layered with basmati rice, spices, and herbs.